• Cereal box, Loft house

    Author: piedro78 – A loft/industrial version of the cereal box house by Dadhoc.
    Take and re-use any cardboard box, make holes on the right spot using the stencils and fix the doorbeam and windows usin…

  • Hands-Free GPS using iPhone

    Author: MacGyvrBot – There are several reasons to use your iPhone (or Android phone) as a direction-finder instead of using your dedicated GPS. The phone can provide access to your address book for th…

  • Sense Scan: John (Thanksgiving)

    Author: JohnA – Showing off how to use the Sense 3D Scanner, this was me being scanned by my father. He missed a bit of the top of my head, but the software patched me up

  • warhound titan parts

    Author: Leibolmai – ashapiro350 beat me to the punch. I did the same thing reverse building with the DIY plans in CATIA to create a Pepakura version of the warhound. I ever got around to finishing it,…

Car Wheels

2016-04-28 0

Author: JoshWilkins – Was made to fit/look nice with my Mclaren F1 car body – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:192930 for an engineering class. Have included the SolidWorks file for those of you who w…

Single Z motor Prusa i3 ver.2

2016-04-28 0

Author: radus – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1659NiCCgh8&feature=c4-overview&list=UUnyyenl1R2XbUurYMoan9Ww
My new version single Z motor system for Prusa i3. In new version Z thread rod fixed with 2…

RoboKnob for Ultimaker 2

2016-04-28 0

Author: FMMT666 – I had a little trouble with the original knob on my Ultimaker 2, so I replaced it with this one 8

Toy Logging Truck

2016-04-28 0

Author: corben33 – This fun, little logging truck was created as a toy for my future niece or nephew (only a few months left). It is a new and colorful version of an old toy that my wife received as a…

Dalek (redrawn) scad & stl

2016-04-28 0

Author: RevK – Totally redrawn Dalek, working from a scan of BBC bubble bath dalek bottle, not from “how to build a dalek” (1960’s BBC) which has the wrong number of balls.
Added later version of dale…