[1.5.1] 3uP – Metal H-Bot Upgrade for QUBD Two-Up

Author: DDeGonge888, published on 2014-06-05

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Ready for printing! Instructions for assembly can be found here:

Here is the 3d printed parts repository for my 3uP 3d printer. This printer is designed to reuse as many parts as possible from the QUBD Two-up in order to keep costs as low as possible. With that being said, you can still build this from scratch, you will just have to source some extra parts.

At the moment, only the pieces for the XY gantry (as well as some other various parts) are up. The z-axis is still in the testing stages and should be released in about a week. At that point, the BOM will also be finalized.

If you would like to print upgrades for the printer [they do not affect the print quality, simply cosmetics and ease of use], then head over here!

Also check out some upgrades by Brian Popilek and others for the 3uP, including the cable chain!

Forum page with all info

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All parts are oriented for printing. Some parts require cleanup, but it should be easy to find these parts. Holes for nuts may have to be widened ever so slightly to fit the hex nuts in.

For quantities, see the BOM, which can be found by visiting the forum page mentioned on the previous page.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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