1:200 Tanks and Vehicles – Pack 3

Author: m_bergman, published on 2014-11-11

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1:200 World War 2 1944-45 wargaming set. PACK 3

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Something to draw in my lunch breaks.
Designed to be printed on UP! Plus in ABS.
Support is essential.

Part 2 is now uploaded. Please note that you need both parts to obtain the full content of this pack.

Simple versions are being dropped, unless essential. (Too much work for something I have no use for. Time better spent drawing more new tanks…)


Pack 3

Drawn in Solidworks 2012 & 2013
Designed to be printed on UP! Plus in ABS.
Support is essential.
Settings used: 0.15mm layers, vent open, loose fill, 4 layer surface, supports 3mm^2 x 80 degrees. (You can use 0mm^2 to advantage on delicate items, but be warned never to use this setting on vehicles with crew members modeled.)
If you print these for use with Flames of War, scale to 187% (or 200%). Opinions differ, so find a scale that matches your current vehicles.

This pack turned out to be a flamethrower and amphibian pack.

M3 Grant (2 styles of sandshield).
Churchill VII.
Churchill Crocodile flamethrower. Note: use Churchill VII turret.
Centaur IV.
Cromwell IV.
Cromwell VI. Note: use Cromwell IV hull.
Challenger (late).
Universal carrier (late) with squared sandshields and towhook.
Wasp II flamethrower (UK version with 2 tanks inside).
Wasp IIc flamethrower (Canadian version with one external tank).
Sexton II.
LCM-3 (UK version). Note: Bow ramp is seperate. Glue in either open or closed position.
Daimler Mk2 Armoured Car
Sawn-Off Daimler

Goliath on trailer.
Pak40 auf RSO.
Sdkfz 10 (open & closed).
Sdkfz 10/1 20mm flak, sides raised (armoured and unarmoured).
Sdkfz 10/1 20mm flak, sides lowered (armoured and unarmoured).
Sdkfz 251/7 with assualt bridges. Note: bridges are seperate to allow for wargaming use.
Sdkfz 251/1 stuka zu fuss.
Sdkfz 251/16 flamethrower.
Pz III M Flamm. Note: use Pz III M hull without schurzen.
Pz III M (with and without schurzen).
Pz III N (with and without schurzen). Note: for remanufactured vehicles, use Pz III L hull, for new build use PzIII M hull.
Radschlepper Ost (the big wheeled one).
Kubelwagen (open).
Schwimmwagen (open and closed).
Flampanzer 38t.
Citroen TA staff car.
Hummel (early).
Hummel (late).
Brummbaer (mid).
Brummbaer (mid) with schurzen rails. Tricky to clean up.
Brummbaer (mid) with schurzen.
Marder II
Unic U304(f)
Pz B-2 740(f)
Flammwagen auf Pz B-2(f)
10.5cm leFH18/3 (Sf) auf Geschutzwagen B-2(f)
Pz 35R 731(f)
Artillerie Schlepper 35R(f)
Munitionsschlepper 35R(f)
4.7cm PaK(t) auf Pz 35R(f)
Infanterie Schlepper UE 630(f)
Infanterie Schlepper UE 630(f) mit mg34
Infanterie Schlepper UE(f) mit 28/32cm wurfrahmen
3.7cm PaK auf Infanterie Schlepper UE(f)

OT-34 flamethrower. Note: use the appropriate turret from Pack2
OT-7 flamethrower. Note: use BT-7 1937 turret.
BT-7 1936 (vertical-sided turret).
BT-7 1936r (frame radio aerial).
BT-7 1937.
BT-7A (short 76mm gun).
BT-7Ar (frame radio aerial).

Dodge WC52 weapons carrier (open & closed).
Dodge WC53 carryall.
Dodge WC54 ambulance.
Dodge WC63 weapons carrier (open & closed).
Jeep (open & closed).
GMC CCKW (open front, open & closed rear).
Sherman M4A1 HVSS.
Sherman M4A3 HVSS. (with and without sandshields)
Sherman M4A3 105mm.
Sherman M4A3 HVSS 105mm.
Chaffee (with and without sandshields).
M18 Hellcat.
Ford GPA.
DUKW (open & closed, wheels covered or not).
M3 Lee (early). Counterweight on gun.
M3 Lee (mid).
M3 Lee (late). No side doors, long gun.
M8 Greyhound (early). Note: use M8 (mid) hull
M8 Greyhound (mid).
M8 Greyhound (late).
LVT(A)-1. (37mm gun + 2 MG turrets).
LVT(A)-4. (75mm howitzer).
LVCP Higgins boat.
LCM-3 Higgins (US version, with 2x HMG) (separate front ramp)
LVT-3 Bushmaster
Dodge WC57 command car (open & closed)
M29 Weasel (open & closed)
M29c Weasel (open & closed) – boat-shaped extensions to the hull.

TK-3 tankette.
TKS tankette.
TKS (20mm) tankette.
PZIzn-222 halftrack (open and closed.)

Char B1 bis
Renault R35
Renault UE (and trailer)

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike