1405 300mm No Sag, Printrbot Simple

Author: iamjonlawrence, published on 2014-06-23

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I have modified my previous 300mm No Sag to work with the 1405 Makers Simple. I am a believer of active cooling, so I have included provisions for fans for the extruder motor, hot end, and part. These are completely optional, except the extruder fan which is required for the E3D and Hexagon versions.
This version is compatible with both the 1405 Printrbot stock YZ plate or the included printed plate and can be configured as both single and double precision. The benefit of using the the included printed plate is it separates the bearings and allows you to achieve a greater printing area.
Included are two versions of the front end. The standard one which will work with the Ubis and E3Dv5 hot ends, The “Short” one which will work with the E3Dv6 and Hexagon hot ends.

Discussion can be found at: http://www.printrbottalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=7647

2014-06-24: Updated the short version of the front end to use a 30mm fan instead of a 40mm fan for the extruder cooling. The 40mm fan brought the cooling duct down around the heat cartridge (too low).

2014-07-10: Uploaded alternate part fan and mount to work with the Ubis. May not work with the E3D.


No supports are needed.
There are a couple parts with captive nuts where I had to leave some material over the screw hole in order for it to print clean and without supports. The down side, you will have to drill the 1/2mm thick skin over the screw holes on the bearing cap and DoubleYFrontBeltEnd.

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