1:6 Scale Traffic Cones

Author: ThingHuxter, published on 2013-09-23

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These are traffic cones printable in six pieces. I printed mine in black, white and orange. It could be printed in one color and painted if necessary.

Each piece is designed to slot neatly on each other, though glue of some kind will be required to hold them together.

This is a complete remodel of thing 49702, making for a much simpler model that stacks nicely.

These are scaled to 1:6 at 28 inches tall to scale with 12″ Action Figures like GI Joe or Dragon figures.

The Gradated one is more standard than the original. I rarely see any that are evenly spaced between white and orange.

The same base can be used for both.

I pushed up files to print the orange segments and the white segments concentrically in one print, nested inside each other, not touching.

If that isn’t useful for your particular printer, I have included each segment separately.

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