3D printable VR Headset for smartphones

Author: AZ360VR, published on 2015-03-18

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Printable VR Headset for 5.5 inch smartphones like the OnePlus One. Let us know if your phone does not fit.
Check Play Store for VR Apps.
Best App for movies is called “GoShow”.



Check out the SinfoniaSam’s YouTube Special:

Added the file lenses_new.stl with slightly a different thread style and clearance. If you have trouble with printing the threaded lens-cup use this file instead.


All Files can be printed with 0.2 mm layer height. “lenses.stl” and set_screw.stl need 0.1 mm layer height and slow.

You will need:
2 UltraOptix Pocket LED Lighted 7x Magnifier
8 machine screws and nuts M3
2 extension spring 1/8 x 1/2 inch or 0.016 inch music wire to make your own
14x14mmx500mm foam strip
1000mmx38mm heavy stretch waistband elastic
super glue

if you prefer to sew the head strap use “strap_sew.stl”
try static_lenses.stl instead pf lenses.stl if you have normal vision.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

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