3D printed alpha Stirling engine #2

Author: aeropic, published on 2014-03-22

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this is the second version of my alpha type Stirling engine. (see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:269119)
improvements are:

  • bigger main axis ball bearings
  • design of a syringes support (see instructions)

as you may see on the new video, it runs very smooth 😉
video of the syringes connection is here


some words on how to connect the syringes …
The biggest difficulty was to allow to make a support in PLA while the syringe is becoming quite hot !

If you look at the support design, you’ll see one hollow cylinder is bigger in diameter than the other one. The big one will support the hot syringe. I use two pieces of 6mm OD x 3mm ID silicon tubing to make a kind of big O ring. Those tubes are inserted around the syringe and between the glass and the PLA. They will flatten when the screws are screwed and act as a thermal barrier to keep the PLA temperature under its melting point…

WARNING: as the engine operates with an alcohol burner, there is a flame and the hot end reaches a very hot temperature and remains hot a long time after the flame has been turned off. In other words, this is not a toy for young kids… Always operate safely under an adult supervision!

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