3D Printed Case for Arduino Uno, Leonardo.

Author: ZygmuntW, published on 2015-01-10

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When you do your Arduino DIY projects, it is good to have a case for them.

This is easy to print case for Arduino UNO or Leonardo.

It is designed to print without support, there are no brigdes as well.

Editable OpenSCAD files:


I printed it on both Leaprog Creatr (0.35mm nozzle) and Prusa i3 (0.3mm nozzle) printers with good results using following setings:

Layer Height – 0.25mm
Perimeter Widht – 0.5mm

You will need 4x Self Tapping POZI CSK screws number 4, 16mm long to put it all together.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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