3D Printed Wearable Video Goggles

Author: adafruit, published on 2014-08-04

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Build wearable DIY VR Goggles! This is great for anyone whos looking to make their own a personal display.
For camera operators and dps, this makes a better alternative to a hood over an HD monitor.
A 5′ hdmi display, Arduino Micro and a 9-DOF motion sensor are housed inside a 3d printed enclosure.
The outer hood is printed in PLA and Ninjaflex, fusing two different materials making a rigid frame with a flexible hood.
A mounting bracket secures the components to a faceplate with machine screws, making this a solid construction.
Make this into a diy oculus rift by mounting a pair of aspheric lenses to the inner faceplate to split screen for stereoscopic video.
Find out how to build this project by checking out the guide on the adafruit learning system.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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