3DCR Double – Dual extruder for Prusa i3

Author: Prenta, published on 2013-12-11

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So here is a 3DCR version of dual extrusion for Prusa i3.

The 3DCR Double

Unique features:
-Nozzle to nozzle distance 20mm or 29.5mm (change without disassembly)
-Covers the whole 200x200mm heated bed at 20mm
-Fits directly to Prusa i3 X bars with LM8UU bearings
-Compatible with J-Head, MG Plus, E3D and other similar
-For 1,75 or 3mm filament (just change the PFTE tubes)
-Adjustable nozzle height
-Quick access dual nozzle holder for easy maintenance
-Easy X belt tension system for GT2 belt
-Cable management on the back
-Manual filament drive tension (direct drive)
-Reservations for accessories
-For nema17 motors

-The PFTE tubes are not in one piece. They are in two separate lenghts. The one from the motor to the hotend is just a guide for the filament.
(I dont think it will work with a one piece PFTE)

-The bearings I used are 624ZZ bearings

Enjoy and print multicolor with the 3DCR Double!
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