Author: DFRobot, published on 2013-11-27

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3DOF GoPro holder

It can be assembled on 3D printer. 3DOF can make it shooting different angel.
To make it we need 2*6mm rods and some screws.
And I used two rubber pad to fill the gap between GoPro and holder.

The video is shooting by my GoPro with the holder.


part list
6mm160mm rod x2
16 screws x2
M316 screws x6
10 screws x2
M3 nuts x2

Just use the M4 screws to fix the part1 to part2, be careful not fasten to much.
Use M3*16 with nuts to fix part5 to part2.
Put the rod though the hole of the part5, use part3 and part4 to limit the position. Use the screws to fix it.
Stick some tape to fix the gopro!
Enjoy it!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution