AA size Battery Storage Box (First in-First out)

Author: juliezva, published on 2015-04-21

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My shot at a First-in/First-out battery storage box collection.

Note: Revision 5/8/15 on the bottom panels should make them a little easier to fit through the front panel opening.


Printed parts are snapped together and glued.

  1. The base is inserted through the cutout in the front panel, (from behind), and there is a groove in it that seats down over the bottom of the cutout .
  2. The sides slot into the grooves in the front and back panel, with the thicker part at the top. (Glue in the grooves recommended.)
  3. The optional alternate color panel is glued into place behind the battery cutout on the front panel if desired.
  4. The back panel is attached last. (Glue in the grooves and on the lip for the base recommended.)
  5. The top piece is just a lid, with a finger hole so you can lift it out and put the batteries in horizontally. Do not glue it down.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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