AEP7 Laser Pistol (Fallout)

Author: dragonator, published on 2013-08-08

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A 3D printable AEP7 laser pistol from the fallout series. It is hard to print (long print times, large parts, lots of support) but the pay-off is most certainly worth it.

Find it here:


To make this you will need several things:

  • An assortment of M3 screws and nuts;
  • 2 M4 screws for the cilinder;
  • A piece of M4 or 4mm shaft as a hinge for the mag holder;
  • A stiff flexible tube around 7mm (I used a painted coax cable);
  • A tiny piece of strip, aluminum ie. to make tine clamps for the tube;
  • plenty of printing material;
  • All sorts of paint;
  • A color printer to print some of the decals

You will need one of all parts supplied in the downloads, and also as many energy cells as you like, downloaded here:

Printing took me around 30 hours and just above (I had some misprints) 1kg of material. Almost every part needs support, this isn’t an easy print.

Next paint it the way you want to. This time (having learned my lesson from the Pip-Boy (it was supposed to be green)) I did my best to get it painted the way it is supposed to be, as game accurate as possible.

I first used filler primer to smooth the parts, then painted in the right colors. After that I weathered all parts using a brush and black paint (and a whole lot of time).

Lastly print all of the decals using a color printer and apply the decals to the model. Some of the texty bits have color added to them to ease the work. you might need to adjust the color of these decals to your paint job. Shock hazard warnings for Hyena_of_dooms’ energy cells are also included on the decals sheet.

A switch can be added to the trigger and a potentiometer can be added to the knob on the back. The body is fully open to fit anything you desire (like a red laser pointer).

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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