Author: atartanian, published on 2015-09-26

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This telescoping print is designed to amplify an iPhone 6 internal speaker’s audio. It prints all in one piece which starts off around a cubic foot large and then spirals out to be about 3′ x 3′ x 1.5′ (1m x 1m x 500cm) large!

This is a monster print. It was designed for printing on a MakerBot Z18 and uses a large portion of the total print volume (12″x12″x18″).

The print takes about 13 days of continuous printing with standard settings and consumes close to 10 lbs of filament!

If you should choose to attempt this behemoth, check out my notes in the print settings section

Print Settings

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Resolution: .2

Infill: 0%



How I Designed This

Built with OpenSCAD 2015.03

This was designed using the latest stable release of OpenSCAD (2015.03). It takes advantage of the new features in that version, specifically the concat() function and the new list comprehension syntax. You may be wondering why I’ve not included the .scad code, or even released this as a Customizable design. The answer is that the library that I used is causing some issues that prevent me from exporting this as a complete object from OpenSCAD. As soon as it’s a fully working script (when the library issues are resolved), I plan to upload the full script so that anyone can create telescopes of any cross sectional shape and size! The finished script should allow the creation of telescopes to fit any kind of phone or really any shape.

Wait, if I didn’t export this from openscad, how did I get the final stl?

Blender 3D to the rescue

The answer is that I exported each of the 36 simple volumes as individual .STLs from openscad one at a time (using a bash script) and then I imported them into Blender 3D to perform the final boolean operations and the final export to a single .STL . At this point I also added some support structures to help the print adhere to the raft better.

My design process often involves going back and forth between OpenSCAD and Blender, since OpenSCAD is a brilliant tool for building parametrically and Blender is a very capable swiss army knife.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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