Animated MAKE Robot

Author: zefram, published on 2013-08-29

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A model of the MAKE robot for animation. You can make this shell and have a poseable MAKE robot or you can make the insides as well and have an animated MAKE robot. It’s large size 24cm tall leaves plenty of room inside for the workings. A movie and a STEP CAD file are available in the downloads.


I used my UP 3D printer with default settings and white ABS. For prolonged use I would recommend using bigger servos, mine were small 9gram ones and they do struggle a bit to move the arms.

Print the two legs and front body section, they should just fit together. Mine clipped together without the need for glue, but you can glue them together if necessary.

Next print the arms and arm pins, glue the pins into the arms through the body, if you want the model poseable or animated make sure you don’t glue the arm to the body, also if you want to animate it, put some grease in the body arm hole to ensure free arm movement.

Lastly print the rear body and head. This should be all that is necessary for a poseable model.

To make it animated, print the servo bracket, servo gears and head coupling. Mount 3x9gram micro servos with a single arm servo horn each in the bracket, fit the gears to the servo horns. I glued mine on. Connect it up to your chosen microcontroller. I have included Arduino code in the downloads that you can use, look for the .ino file.

The insides picture shows the layout of the internals, the white part is the front of the body, the dark grey are the arms and legs, the green is the servo bracket, the orange are the arm servo gears and the pink are the arm pins. I glued the servo horns to the arm gears to make them nice and solid, there is a hole in the gear so you can still get the gear and horn off the servo. I also had to velcro strap the servos into the bracket as they were moving around too much.

I plan to power the robot with 6 AA batteries, 3 in each leg, I also want to mount an on/off switch. There should be loads of room for the arduino and breadboard inside.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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