Another Hollow Cube

Author: NumberSix, published on 2012-09-10

Click this button to get the 3D model


Unable to remove the base using the OpenScad version of the ‘hollow cube’ (see ancestor) I went with what I knew and drew it out again in Sketchup. This is a 30mm cube with all hollow faces and 4mm square bars. As orionwnix said previously, it’s great for many 3d printer tests including ooze/retraction, dimensional accuracy and squareness, and of course bridging!

Short video of this cube being printed on my blog, specifically the challenging bridging stage:


Download the .stl, slice and print. (that gives a 30mm/4mm hollow faced cube).
If you want to scale or modify in any way I’ve also shared the Sketchup file.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: 3D, bridging, calibration, cube, hollow