BabyNES Raspberry Pi B+ case

Author: jrebeiro, published on 2014-09-13

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Update (2/7/2015): By popular demand, I’ve opened the vent holes for those who are overclocking (and possibly using the Pi 2). The cart lid has also been fixed to add more support around the connectors.

This is an NES-styled case for the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. It is inspired by but is a complete re-design from scratch as it only worked with the Raspberry Pi B.

USB/Ethernet are mounted in front and MicroSD card is out the back.
The case is held together with 4x #4-40 1″ machine screws.

Complete parts list (with links to

Raspberry Pi B+ (Option 1)
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (Option 2)
Sandisk 64GB MicroSD Card
MicroUSB charger for Raspberry Pi B+
USB WiFi module for Raspberry Pi B+ (Optional)
USB Bluetooth module for Raspberry Pi B+ (Optional)
Note: These are the parts I used and are guaranteed to fit. Others will probably work too.

RetroPie (Emulators)

About Retro Pie
RetroPie SD Card Images


Atari 2600
Stay tuned for a dual-extrusion version which will look like the render!


[email protected] [email protected]
15% Infill
90/120mm speed

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