Ball bearing nut for linear stepping motor.

Author: jspark, published on 2013-08-25

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I designed the ball bearing nut for the linear screw of linear stepping motor.
It is a kind of derivative of Mark Sollack’s threadless ball screw concept.
This is one of the concept design to prevent backlash on the linear stepping motor.
I did not test yet. but I hope it would be work properly.
The ball bearing nut was designed for quadruple-start 8mm lead length, 8pi linear screw.
The slope angle is 17.6568 deg.


The center height is 9 mm.
The thickness of the ball bearing nut is 12 mm.
The distance between the holes of the flange is 35 mm.


  • Ball bearing nut ———– 1 EA
  • 623zz ball bearing ——– 4 EA
  • M3x10 bolt —————– 4 EA
  • M3 nut ———————- 4 EA
  • M3 washer —————– 4 EA

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