Ball Head Links System – Sphere 7.5mm

Author: de_baseggio, published on 2013-09-02

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Chain links to be used as bracelets, chains, belts, etc. The outer shape is a sphere (radius 7.5mm), but it can be easily altered, as long as the male and female connectors stay the same. All STL files consist of the same model, the only difference is the number of items in the grid that goes from 1 to 100.


Whether the ball links do actually work or not depends heavily on the material, the slicer and of course the printer used. If it does not fit, simply change the size of the head until you achieve the desired result.

I have printed the links with a layer height of 0.2mm and a wall thickness of 1.2mm, infill 20%.

Careful: The sturdiness achieved WAS NOT sufficient. This was mainly due to the wall thickness, it should be at least 1,6mm.

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