Bat Signal for iPhone

Author: Dalpek, published on 2015-01-29

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Need help? No one around? No cellphone signal?
Print out your handy Bat Signal and use your phone’s flashlight to call for help!!

I had this idea last week and couldn’t get it out of my head.
After many tries I decided to make it compatible with all mobile phones by not designing a phone-latch, instead It has a ring where you can comfortably hold the projector in font of your flash with two fingers.
It has two holes so you can attach it to a keychain for protection on the go 😉
This is an easy print, it takes about 45 minutes to print at 0.25mm.

Note: This model is for personal use only and may not be used for profit


This model is designed to be printed with no supports
Once you print, hold with two fingers in front of your phone’s flash light to call for help!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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