Author: fluetke, published on 2013-11-26

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Your favourite childhood game with a twist – if you sink, you drink.


After gr3t3l showed an image of a crude version of battleship with booze, we just had to do a proper version with ship models, thus BattleBooze was born.

The ships were designed in blender for shotglasses with a diameter of up to 35mm, though bigger ones might also fit.

We designed for a grid size of 8x8cm per shotglass, therefore the higher capacity models (>=destroyer/3 shots) might be to big for your standard 3D printer like the Ultimaker classic we used.
Each of these bigger ships was cut into puzzle pieces that should be printable on a smaller plattform.
For those feeling a little adventurous, we included the uncut models, so you can try to print them in whole on a makerbot replicator 2, for example.

— For making it, just print out all the parts and put them together. They all print fine on an Ultimaker classic with normal quickprint settings and support enabled, though you might want to print the 5xCarrier upside down to save material. —

PS: We suggest you take a look at the variety of planes available around the site and glue some of them onto the carrier for added details.

— Bill of Materials —
For a complete BattleBooze set, you will need to print…

  • 2 1xPatrolboat.stl
  • 2 1xPatrolboat_frontCannon.stl
  • 2 1xPatrolboat_frontCannon_barrel.stl
  • 4 1xPatrolboat_launcher.stl
  • 2 2xSubmarine.stl
  • 2 3xDestroyer.stl
  • 4 3xDestroyer_cannon.stl
  • 2 4xBattleship_front.stl
  • 2 4xBattleship_center.stl
  • 2 4xBattleship_rear.stl
  • 2 4xBattleship_radar.stl
  • 6 4xBattleship_cannon.stl
  • 18 4xBattleship_cannon_barrel.stl
  • 16 4xBattleship_aux_cannon.stl
  • 32 4xBattleship_aux_barrel.stl (you might want to merge the aux_cannons and aux_barrels with each other, or the main battleship.stl, if you want to avoid glueing the small parts together)
  • 2 5xCarrier_front.stl
  • 2 5xCarrier_center.stl
  • 2 5xCarrier_rear.stl
  • 2 5xCarrier_bridge.stl

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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