Author: LeFabShop, published on 2014-05-14

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A belt made by Philippe Kervizic our Business Developer
” Few days ago, i was watching tv and a guy was wearing a 3d printed belt. I felt it was so cool that I wanted to design mine. Here it is!
I am wearing it for sevral days, it is confortable and I didn’t get any weakness issue so far.

The closing system is still to be improved to make it easier to use (buckle shouldn’t be totally removable), but it works fine.”

Note from the creative director :
Two months ago, Philippe knew nothing about 3D modeling. He had absolutely zero base on design. He taught himself how to use 3D softwares and he now creates some trully amazing models for our MakerBot Farm. We have quite a unique Business Developer at le FabShop!


Printed with a MakerBot Replicator 2, standard mode for all parts, no support and no raft (except for dowels)

  • print as many crosses, crosses with holes, H, H with holes as you need according to the length you want for your belt.
  • print one of all other parts
  • print as many dowels as needed, lying on a raft. Layers have to match the length of the dowels to optimise the resistance.
  • mind that the front side of the buckle isn’t flat. You want to print it lying on back side.

Assemble the parts this way: ending, cross_hole, H_hole,….., cross, H,….,H, cross_male, peack
You will need a small harmer to push carefully the dowels into the H together with a cross. The dowel will be strongly fixed with the H but the cross will be free to turn around.

Once you wear the belt, cross_male goes into a hole and the buckle slips to get the 2 layers fixed together. In the beginning the buckle is a bit hard to slip but it gets quickly easy to use.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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