Bike Santa Cruz Nomad

Author: Botmaster, published on 2013-10-12

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This is a print I did for a friend to use on the top of his wedding cake.
It was printed on a Replicator 2 using Makerware. Printed at 0.2mm 10% infill and 2 shells. There is some hand finishing and painting, as well as needing to make the clear plastic spokes. None of the parts were difficult to make. Good bit is most people do not believe it was 3D printed


I printed this in PLA so all instructions are for that media.
Print each part until you have a kit. Most parts are obvious as to the best way to place them on the bed. The wheels can be a bit difficult. I found they worked best standing up on a raft with supports.
Depending on the level of finish you can smooth things by wiping the surface with a soft cloth soaked in acetone; this will smooth things out quite well but will bleach the colour out of the PLA.
Sanding with a medium and then fine emery board (tip do not use the girlfriends emery board it gets all screwed up with the PLA and they get really prissy about it). Then spray with a primer that you can sand really smooth and paint.
I used PLA filament for the axles crank gear and forks, used super glue to hold it in place. The small spacers are used between the frame and the peddles so they clear the frame and allow them to rotate. The spring on the frame shock is made from a thin piece of solder or any soft wire you can find, or you could use a small spring that comes in some ball point pens.
The wheels are interesting. I used a lid from a CD cover and cut 2 circles from it, you will need to be careful as the plastic is very brittle. Make sure that it fits in the grove at the center of the rim. Drill a 3mm hole in the center and then scribe with a modelling knife the 32 spokes that lace the wheel, glue this to the brake hub and use the PLA filament to make the axle. Finish it off with some fuse wire for the brake lines.
Have fun!

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