Bit Bracelet

Author: Bartimaeus, published on 2015-03-11

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My take on a wearable bracelet multitool accessory, inspired by the Leatherman Tread. I saw the braceletool ( and thought that I’d like something like that but slimmer, for the leatherman bits.

You can buy the bits on Amazon (they are compatible with standard hex bit drivers)

I used 2-56 screws to hold the links together, you can use a nut on the other side, I used these brass threaded heat inserts from McMaster-Carr:

You can also use just a few of the links and use it as a keychain if you want.

I’ve also included a larger version that is meant for full size hex bits (not tested, print at your own risk)

Short clip of the bracelet in use:

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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