Bold Machines: Mr. Walthersnap

Author: boldmachines, published on 2014-09-29

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We created a film treatment for a movie called Margo and have worked with artists to get the characters made, and are launching the concepts on a mission to explore the frontier of film-making by starting with 3D printed models.
A good story calls for a great hero like our detective Margo, but it also requires a sinister villain.
Enter Mr. Walthersnap. Everyone in Brooklyn thinks they love Mr. Walthersnap. He is a powerful businessman. Margo thinks he’s great too until she smells something odd around him. Working in her lab under the Brooklyn Bridge she comes to the realization that Mr. Walthersnap is using a powerful psycho-chemical agent to make people agree with him. What other things will Margo discover about Mr. Walthersnap? Now that she’s on to his tricks, she’s going to uncover the rotten core under the sweet smelling exterior of Mr. Walthersnap.
As with Margo, this model was created to spec by Jose Alvas Da Silva.
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Print out the models and assemble according to the assembly diagrams.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

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