Can Handle

Author: Tony_G, published on 2015-11-18

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I liked the can holder put up by “ilmandorlone”, but found it too short for the common12oz cans around here (Maryland). So I remade it a bit taller, for a can that is 4.815in [122.3mm] tall. Then I added a bit of text, “engraved” into one side of the handle. I also felt that the original made the can a bit easy to tip over, so I added a cross-base that can be glued in, if you like, but works just fine laid in the groove, since the can holds it in place.
I’ve included the source, autocad, files I used to make them, as well as a Blank version, you could modify as you like. Each version has both a “parts only” and an “anchored” version. The anchors are very thin (1 layer ~.008 [.21] thick), but hold the corners down better to fight curling off the print surface, when you print. The anchors trim away easily. I also used 45 degree chamfered, rather than fillet, along the bottom edges, so there is no radical overhang on that second and third layer.
The models are in inches. Each source file has the two arcs necessary for the arced text you might want to add, like I did.
When I printed the one in the pic, I used PLA @ 210 degrees 1st layer, 175 after, cooling fan on after 2nd layer. Heated glass surface @ 50 degrees C, with a very thin layer of glue stick. Heat turned off after 3rd layer. A layer height of .21mm. It was printed on an extremely modified Botmill (Prusa original copy), with a .35 mm J-Head. The first layer was printed at a speed of ~30mm, the rest 30mm perimeters, 60mm infill. It was printed with 3 walls, 2 floors, 4 tops layers and 15% infill.

One other thing, to make sure it fits the can you want, I added a thin slice from the center of the handle, called “Test Slice”. Print it and see if it fits your can, before wasting a bunch of filament…

License: Creative Commons – Attribution