Cat — hi-poly / lo-poly

Author: gwygonik, published on 2013-11-15

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This small cat was modeled in Sculptris (Alpha 6) as a gift for a co-worker. I decided to do a reduced-poly version as well because I like that sort of thing.

See instructions in regards to the back legs and it’s heavy-ish head.


Printed both cats on my Form 1 and found that the head was too heavy for the body since it prints solid. I had to sand down the back legs until it sat well.

I haven’t printed on my Makerbot, but I would bet that this weight issue might be non-existent on it as it won’t be as heavy overall. Or it could still flop over. 🙂

Therefore, print one and see. You might have to re-model a bit to remove part of the back legs. Or, sand them down if you print with a resin printer or with solid infill.

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