DiiiCooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: Pawpawpaw85 – The DiiiCooler is a cooler that is to be mounted around the hotend of the Wanhao Duplicator i3. It provides a 360 degree field of cooling around the hotend for the part being pri…

Dasaki Ramps 1.4 Enclosure / Box / Case

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: dasaki – Compact enclosure for Ramps 1.4, with space for one or two 50mm fans, LCD connectors and hinged cover for easy access.
After two years of having my Prusa electronics unboxed and untid…

E3D v6 integrated fan layer

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: shuttl3d – This designs allows you to place a layer fan integrated with the E3D V6 own fan. This support consists of two parts:
Fan layer support E3D fan support (open: “easy to place whit the…

E3D v6 mount for K8200

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: kuraasu – This is an adapter to mount the E3D v6 hotend on the K8200 extruder.

For the E3D v5 version of this mount, see here.

Update: thanks for waiting! Here’s the new version of the v6 mo…

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