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Author: jzisa – Update By popular demand I have added a de-badged version of the V29. It is labeled V29D in the thing files section. I originally put the version number on the whistle to tell them all…

GRAMiPhone – iPhone 6 Gramophone Horn

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Author: brycelowe – This passive amplifier horn will amplify your phone’s speaker without power. The horn profile is based on a Western Electric exponential horn. The horn is 7.5″ long and press fits …

Mac SE/30 iPod Nano Dock

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Author: option8 – Dock your iPod Nano (6th gen) in this classic Mac, styled after the Macintosh SE/30 case design. Also available in Mac Plus and SE variants.
Mac Plus: http://www.thingiverse.com/thin…

NOMOON Speaker Generator

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Author: nothinglabs – NOMOON is a parametric spherical 3d-printed speaker generator created in OpenSCAD.
For a demo video of NOMOON see: http://youtu.be/UFUMgY15UOw
Some additional notes are on workin…

Hand Cranked Vinyl Player

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Author: Oana – When I saw the Ghostly Vinyl contest, I immediately wanted to make a working record player.
This is a printable hand-cranked record player for vinyl discs.
All pieces for this record pl…


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Author: M600 – Don’t know where to put your spare head for your turntable? Your Jack adapter? Don’t wonder anymore, this is the box you were waiting for.
The Deskshell is a stunning multi-purpose cont…

Earbud Case

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Author: walter – Earbud storage case, in two sizes. The 3.5mm versions have slots for the 3.5mm jack. (added a large and XL versions, but haven’t tried printing them)
The first 0.4mm works as a hinge,…

Dual Technics Headshell / Shure Cartridge Case

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: anewsome – Every DJ knows how tight space in the DJ bag is. They also know that most headshell cases are too bulky or just aren’t right for road use. That’s why I built this cartridge case as …

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