Mad Max Fury Road – Shifter Skull

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: questpact – update – I’ve separated the skull and Lower jaw into two pieces and uploaded them to the thing files.
Modeled after the Skull Shifter knob from the movie
Time-lapse: https://youtu….

Mustang Boss 302 engine

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: MrGundam – Designed off of an old junker hot-rod engine my friend took a picture of, here is a Boss 302 V8 engine and semi-detailed .stl file for your enjoyment

Tesla Model S Center Console

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: OleEichhorn – This is a self-printable Tesla Model S Center Console.
I designed it with TinkerCad and have printed it on a MakerBot Replicator 2. All you need besides filament and patience is …

Car Seatback Trash Bag Hooks

2016-04-27 admin 0

Author: YoungBuck – I like to keep my car clean, and I’ve found the best spot for me to put a stray wrapper or empty can or cup while I’m piloting the scow is in a bag behind the passenger’s seat. I u…

Lancia Stratos

2016-04-26 admin 0

Author: MakerBot – We made this as a present for a friend who has one.
Read more about the Stratos here:
And watch this Top Gear video here:…

V12 Engine

2016-04-26 admin 0

Author: vsc89 – Solidworks file of V12 Engine
Designed by Aykut Dan