The Ultimate box maker

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: Heartman –
The file include now the Panel Maker. Check below in the Experimental area to download it. My first try with OpenScad, the box is fully customizable. I hope you will enjoy with it,…

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display Stand

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: TheRaspberryPiGuy – Greetings! Got your hands on one of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s new 7″ touchscreen display modules? Need something to prop it up when you’re using it in on your desk or i…

3D Printed Case for Arduino Uno, Leonardo.

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: ZygmuntW – When you do your Arduino DIY projects, it is good to have a case for them.
This is easy to print case for Arduino UNO or Leonardo.
It is designed to print without support, there are…

Raspberry Pi B+ Case With Fan

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: Nate_the_Great – This case is designed for a Raspberry Pi B+ controller board. There are holes in the case that surround the Raspberry Pi logo that will accept a 30mm x 30mm x 7mm fan.

Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi B+

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: walter – Simple sleeve to protect a Raspberry Pi* B+ from falling screws. The main part of the case slides over the Raspberry Pi, and a cap fits around the connectors. The parts are only held …

Raspberry Pi B+ Face Case

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: adafruit – In this project we’re designing and 3d printing an enclosure for the rasberrypi B+ Get inspired to design with style in mind, like why no…

Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B+ Case

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: Normand – -Easy access to every connector
-Breakable GPIO opening
-Internal mounting holes (4x M2x10 or M2x14)
-Micro SD card does not protrude but still accessible
-Light guide
-Compatible wi…

DIY Raspberry Pi Gameboy

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: adafruit – Celebrate the 20th anniversary of that classic gaming device by building your own with 3D printing and DIY electronics from adafruit.

Battery box for AA cells

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: flummer – This is a battery box designed as a module in OpenSCAD, that allows you to make a holder for 1 to as many as you like (or your OpenSCAD installation will want to compile)
I needed a …

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