Can Handle

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: Tony_G – I liked the can holder put up by “ilmandorlone”, but found it too short for the common12oz cans around here (Maryland). So I remade it a bit taller, for a can that is 4.815in [122.3mm…


2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: walter – The spring design requires the filament to be somewhat flexible and elastic. Design files are linked below for anyone who wants to adjust the spring thickness / tolerances. PolyMax is…

Fully Printable Fishing Rod

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: 1nxtmonster – Great for hiking or camping, and is small enough to fit into a pocket so you can fish anytime. The handle is hollowed out and there is a threaded end cap so that you can store so…

Vincy Compound Bow Mark 2

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: below_cho – It is an upgraded version of Vincy Compound Bow Mark 1. . Main improvement: Adjustable limb angle. Shorten Bow size.…

T-Rex Bike Seat

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: RobB – My daughter wanted to pimp out her bike. We also wanted to enter the T-Rex Remix contest, so this is what we came up with. I’m jealous of her bike now. Keep in mind, it is a work in pro…

Dremel Devil

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: MAKE – The Dremel Devil is a 3D-printed fan that you launch from your high-speed rotary tool to soar up to 200 feet.
This surprising device, like a number of my projects, started out with me w…

Bike tire tool

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: venomMan1 – This is a tire tool, to help take off/ put on a bicycle tire.
This is a work in progress, the print it self works and is ok. I did use it and it also functioned fine. I dont like h…

Rs Lombardi

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: drcubanb – customized lombardi trophy for my fantasy leagu

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