WTFFF?! Collapsible Coffee Sleeve

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: tomhazz – WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast Hosts Tom & Tracy Hazzard originally designed this collapsible Coffee Sleeve for MakerBot as a promotion. In the month of May, 2016, anyone who wanted to …

Scifi Small Part Storage Crates

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: AndrewBougie – Update 05/08/16
Looks like I’m featured! Be sure to share your makes here on Thingiverse and don’t forget to share pics and tag @andrewbougie on Twitter and Instagram. Also, it …

Chip Bag Clip V4

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: srwilson58 – Scaleable, Easy Print, Chip Bag Clip.
Added a MUCH Improved New Version in 3 different sizes.
I left the original clip up but I would suggest if you want a functional clip to go w…

PARIS lamp

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: LeFabShop – I live in Paris and I love this city. Yes, it’s beautiful, filled with impressive architecture, history and culture, but what I enjoy the most in Paris is the enthusiasm most citiz…

UBO – The Universal Bottle Opener

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: In3Designs – My mother was diagnosed with Cushing syndrome over a year ago. Along with many other symptoms muscle deterioration is one of them. She has been treated and is on the road to recov…

Smartphone Holder

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: Pyromaniac – Smartphone Stand for my i9250, but I think it should work for nearly every other Smartphone out there.
Print Settings
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2mm
Infill: 20% Rectilin…

Business card holder

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: Pyromaniac – Business card holder; The photos are showing the first version, but the (2nd) version, has some round edges.
Edit: I’ve uploaded another Version which should be similar to the fir…

Ninja Lock – Indoor Child Door Lock

2017-02-10 admin 0

Author: bslayton – If you have kids, chances are they are ninja’s just like mine. These little ninja’s will get into anything and everything (including taking a sharpie to your white kitchen cabinets)…

Stackable Battery Holders

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: adoniram – About The Design
These stackable battery holders are a design I did for Checkerboard, Ltd. and were a community selected design. Checkerboard gratiously allowed m…

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