Iron Throne

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: Revennant – Just finished the High quality – looks like we have a winner 🙂 14h print time and i’m realy proud of myself 🙂 & my FF (posting pics….) I made one as a dock for Galaxy S3, print…

1:24 Wicker Furniture Set

2016-04-26 admin 0

Author: PrettySmallThings – A chair, chaise, loveseat and matching table for decking out any 1:24 environment.
If I were to tackle this set again, I’d reduce the depth of the seats, reduce the curvatu…

Delving Decor: Medieval Barrels

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Author: dutchmogul – Some barrels (in two sizes thus far) for fantasy tabletop gaming or dioramas. Shown with some Reaper miniatures to give an idea of scale. Enjoy!
Designed in TinkerCAD: https://tin…

1:48 Queen Anne Chair

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Author: PrettySmallThings – Even smaller than the original. Print for use in scale models, dollhouses or just to show off your printing skills

1:60 Country Picnic

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Author: PrettySmallThings – A collection of very small things, with a vague country picnic theme.
Daid’s D&D prop items have been scaled to match other items.
The standing man is a modified google ske…

Three 1:24 Windsor Chairs

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Author: PrettySmallThings – Three variations on the Windsor chair in 1:24 scale: low back, fan back and sack back. There are designed to be built without support. Delicate but surprisingly sturdy. Sho…

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

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Author: TeamTeamUSA – “Zou Bisou Bisou…”
-Megan Draper
Add a 1:16 scale Nelson Marshmallow sofa to your Madiverse (Mad Men + Thingiverse)
Roger needs this in his office!
The …