Zeycus’ Abstract Chess Set

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: zeycus – Chess set I designed in 2001, originally in PovRay.
Recently used Openscad to create the STL file.
Regarding size: I printed them with the following heights:
pawn: 70mm queen: 150mm k…

Spiral Chess Set

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: BigBadBison – A spiral themed chess set that can be printed without supports. I modeled this myself and I am currently in the process of printing a set. Any criticism is welcome and appreciate…

Robots Versus Wizards Chess Set

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: dutchmogul – Been a while since I designed a chess set, and I realized that I’ve never actually printed one, so… here it is! Big props to Emmett for his amazing modular chess board design wh…

Erotic Chess Set

2017-02-09 admin 0

Author: TwistedDaylight – A classy erotic chess set, celebrating the beauty of the female body. This stared as an idea/bet from my brother (“I bet you can’t make…”). I tried many different base mode…

Chess Set – Voronoi Style

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: roman_hegglin – If you like chess and voronoi, then this is the right thing for you! Hope you like it. edit 2013-11-05: Added all figures with a flat bottom: Better to print and they dont fall…

Micro Planter Chess Set

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: XYZWorkshop – This is XYZ Workshop’s winning entry into the MyMiniFactory chess and Pen design competition.
The design is loosely based on a Bauhaus Style Chess set. We were interested in blen…

Gnome Chess

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: KingRahl – Now your gnomes can battle for supremacy of the garden.
Thank you all who like this design.
Be sure to check out the Beardless queen and supportless knight

Minecraft Chess Set

2016-04-28 admin 0

Author: FuelCell250 – I drew these Minecraft figures up in December 2012 to give some young Minecraft and chess fans for Christmas, and finally got around to fixing up the models for Thingiverse!


2016-04-27 admin 0

Author: seechless – Cubify’s rook test piece. (slightly larger)
Edit: I added Rookv_Fixed1 I used netfabb cloud to repair it and then scaled it down to the correct size

Wireframe Chess Set (fixed stl file)

2016-04-26 admin 0

Author: ethanjurman – EDIT: Because of so much feedback (and issues with this model) I have revised it. So here is the IMPROVED set: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:330327
A Neato wireframe chess set…

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