CCG Deck Box with Geared Pivoting Lid

Author: Cylindric, published on 2014-03-12

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This is a gloriously over-complicated box for storing cards, or anything else really. As the lid is opened the platform rises, presenting the cards.

Added pre-layed-out plates! You can now select 7 plates in the Customizer to greatly reduce the number of prints, but if you have trouble printing full-bed objects, or have a smaller printer, just grab the individual STL files and print those. The filename has either 1x or 2x to indicate how many to print.

I also redesigned the lid parts so that they can be printed in an orientation allowing the whole top to be the same finish.

I have added the option to put any of the five MTG mana logos on any of the four main sides of the box. You can’t do this from the Customizer, because it requires some external STL files, but if you download all the files, you can edit the deck_box.scad file and set the logos you want.

I have also added some options for generating pre-made plate layouts. Just print one of each of the “Plate” parts. These will automatically put the specified logos on each of the panels too.

This is a remix I made of belrius‘ “CCG deck box with geared pivoting lid“.
Mostly the changes are just to make this more Customizer-friendly, but I have also removed the front/back panel decoration, and removed most of the CSG problems with the resultant STL files. Still need to clean a couple of parts up that are creating odd non-manifold files.

Latest source, stl’s and scripts can be found in the GitHub Repository.


There are 13 parts defined in the file that you need to print. There are also plated options to reduce that to 7 separate prints.

1x 1:Front panel
1x 2:Back Panel
1x 3:Left
1x 4:Right
2x 5:Gear rack
1x 6:Hinged lid (left)
1x 7:Hinged lid (right)
2x 8:Hinge mount
2x 9:Mechanism holder
2x 10:Top hinge
2x 11:Side hinge
1x 12:Platform
1x 13:Base

Alternatively, print just ONE of each of these:
1x 14:Plate A
1x 15:Plate B
1x 16:Plate C
1x 17:Plate D
1x 18:Plate E
1x 19:Plate F
1x 20:Plate G

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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