Coffee Tamper 52mm

Author: mstolt, published on 2013-09-26

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A simple coffee tamper in 52mm for my espresso machine.

Your can modify the width of the object. It is available as OpenSCAD file.

It fits nicely in the palm of the hand and one can bring up a good pressure for tampering the coffee.

Due the fact the the “coffee contact” is on the foot where the part is on the print bed. That contact area is very flat and “closed”. So no “coffee dirt” enter the part. I use my tamperer since 3 weeks on a daily base and it is still shiny.

Actually this was my first useful item printed on my 3D printer.

Site note: the wiggles on the part came from a “moving” z-Motor. I printed the part before i improved my printer on that, see my part “New z-Motor-Holder”.

Have a nice macchiato in the morning!


Printed in PLA (white with 210 degree Celsius) on a heated print bed (50 degree Celsius).

With 3 outer walls and 25% infill (Honeycomb).

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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