Coin Sorting Machine

Author: acilia, published on 2013-09-12

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I used a geared motor that I had laying around, markings are Maxon motor 41.040.038-00.00-123.
You may be able to use other motors with a 1/4″ shaft if you drill or move the mounting holes to match

I also included the source files for Alibre if someone wants to make changes.

I just uploaded a new set of files (9/12 6:35pm), the scape slot was too close to the motor and would jam the mechanism if two coins fell in at the same time.

(9/17) added a clip to make sure only one coin is carried to the sorter

(9/19) Complete overhaul of the rotor, comb and hole plate. Loose tolerances were allowing too many coins to be carried up at the same time so I reduced the size of the holes on the rotor and tighten up the slot under the comb.


make sure the rotor spins counter-clock or the coins will not fall into the sorting plate correctly.

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