Author: darkPrince010, published on 2013-07-28

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Another mini for the wargame I’m working on, designed to hold captured prisoners/corpses in underslung area and then reanimate them for use later in the game.

As always, C&C and remixes are appreciated! I don’t have a printer yet, so please let me know how I can make this more printer-friendly!


Made using Tinkercad.

To assemble, print 8 Legs, 8 Ribs, 2 Snipper Arms, 4 Snippers, 2 Mandible Pincers, and 1 of everything else.

Legs can be attached at any of the three provided levels on the Ribs, and you can add more legs for a more centipede-y feel!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: 28mm, apocalypse, fantasy, game, gaming, mech, military, mini, miniature, robot, rpg, scifi, steampunk, tabletop, tweedpunk, wargame