Companion Cube Double Deck Box

Author: Archimiedies, published on 2013-08-21

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This is your companion for Magic the Gathering!

10/11/13 ADDED 1.1 LID AND BASE FILES for more authenticity with the grooves.
9/3/13 UPDATED THE LID FILE for a better and easier fit.

The cube holds 2 Magic the Gathering decks with protective sleeves as well as two areas for dice or counters. The included card dividers also fit with ease. Best if printed with PLA. It will peal up at the corners if using ABS to print, so either use an ABS/Acetone slurry or other methods to hold it down.


Print with or without support depending on your printer and settings. I printed with support, 2 perimeters and .25 infill with a .35mm head.

Use the BoxBase and BoxLid file since both together is too large in the DeckBox file.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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