Complete Kossel Mini 3D Printer Parts

Author: electronhacks, published on 2014-04-01

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Here is just about all the parts you need to build your own Kossel Mini. Included are frame pieces, end stop brackets, carriages, effector, and some accessories I think are needed like fan brackets and shroud. Some of the items tell you how many to print i,e. 1x 3x in the file name. All non essential items have optional in the name so you don’t go and print a lot of stuff you may not want.

The frame is made of 15mm x 15mm (1515) extruded aluminum from Open Beam or Mitsumi

I have many blog posts and videos detailing the Kossel Mini build process

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The core Kossel Mini filees are fairly stable but If you want access to the original .stl files from Johann he has them up on GitHub

I have some other Kossel accessories you should consider like the Filament Spool Holder and RAMPS board enclosure

You can use just about any extruder, in my opinion if using a direct drive extruder like the one included or Airtripper’s you will need a gear reduced stepper motor to get enough torque. If you want to use a regular stepper I suggest something like Greg’s Accessible Extruder even though the MakerFarm kit was for 3mm it works great for 1.75mm

Some other resources I used while building the Kossel Mini. and

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