Concept of a project of a terrestrial platform multiprodutora wind power

Author: Isarts3d, published on 2013-09-09

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This design concept of a terrestrial platform aimed at producing electricity by wind action , combining current technology with old , came after completing the last one is a marine platform , which combined systems taking advantage of the waves and the wind .
Thought I could take advantage of the same platform , to use it on the ground , including an old technology , which is the windmill.
Thus, the system kept designed with two main sets of large propellers , one in front and one behind the platform , with two sets of auxiliary vanes , which are inside the casing that lines the joint.
I took advantage of the gap between the pillars of the platform , and insert two sets of propeller type windmill, while the second finds himself surrounded by a toothed rim , which is what makes the transmission of motion generated by the wind that moves these two sets propeller for a gear installed below the cubicle type bunker where the generator is being completed the final link via belts .
Placing a giant toothed rim around the second set of propellers assigned his movement was the easiest and most practical solution I found, but do not know if it’s feasible . After all , is a design concept that will still undergo an assessment to see its viability .
I think the images generated system along idea of its operation , which is very simple .
The objective of this project was to fully take advantage of the space occupied by the platform , hence why two systems installed .
Theoretically these two systems , characterized by having double sets of propellers each give a good potential for wind power generation .
I leave my email available , [email protected]/* */ , who can analyze this design concept and communicate with me .
The text was written in Portuguese and translated by Google Translator . It may be that some words come out of context.


Disponibizei a single file format stl, with only the external part of the system with this platataforma the two wind systems for printing miniature impressora3d .

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