Cooling fan replacement blades

Author: CreativeTools, published on 2013-11-19

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3D-printable replacement blades for the extruder cooling fan. The cooling fan placed in front of the extruder’s heat sink has the important job to keep things cool above the hot end.
By accident and a bit of bad luck the fan blades can break if hit by an object or while changing the filament. It is very important to maintain the cooling function of the fan by replacing the old one with a spare part.
Nevertheless in the spirit of owning a Replicator 3D printer at home we wanted to test if the fan blades can be replaced by 3D printed new ones.
After cutting off the old ones and grinding away the remaining part of the broken ones, the fan barrel becomes a cylindrical shape onto which a flange with new blades can be attached.
After a few minutes with a calliper and CAD software we created a thing flange (0.5 mm) with nine attached blades.

The design is made to be clamped onto the blade-less motor housing and no glue is required. Our tests turned out successful thus making it possible for one to 3D print new fan blades while waiting for the new replacement fan to arrive in the mail. 🙂

This part is adapted to fit the commonly used 24 V cooling fan that sits in front of the extruder’s aluminium heat sink. The fan size is 40 x 40 x 10 mm. A common model is the FONSONING FSY40S24M.

By Creative Tools


  • Turn off the power of your 3D printer
  • Remove the cooling fan carefully
  • Clip away the remaining fan blades
  • Using a small power drill, grind away the remaining parts of the fans. Make sure the surface of the barrel is smooth.
  • Download the STL file in this Thing.
  • 3D print it
  • Put som glue on the inside of printed fan blade cylinder. <<< Important >>>
  • Press it onto the blade-less barrel.
  • Turn the fan blades are true and run freely without hitting the outer part of the fan.
  • Only use this experimentally and replace your broken fan with a new one.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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