Author: SimplusDesign, published on 2014-04-29

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Bring the stars inside with our homage to the cosmos!
Follow these simple steps to fill the room with the night’s sky:

  1. print adapter and knob
  2. place adapter on iPhone
  3. attach knob to adapter
  4. turn on flashlight app
  5. turn off the lights and enjoy!

The model features northern hemisphere constellations – see if you can follow along with the map! –


  • iPhone 4s adapter
  • iPhone 5 adapter
  • Knob01 – 1/16″ thick walls
  • Knob02 – 1/32″ thick walls
  • Universal adapter

We hope you enjoy!
Simplus Design


Raft recommended for knob because of small surface area.

No support recommended.

The files are in INCHES. To convert to mm, scale model by 25.4 or use the “Inches -> mm” button in MakerWare.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – No Derivatives

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