Crocz… Crocodile Clips / Clamps / Pegs with Moving Jaws

Author: muzz64, published on 2015-07-25

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Crocz have moving jaws that bite… they’re great for clips, pegs and a bit of fun. This is a quick and easy print. There are two versions… one without designed in support (i.e. no support necessary) and one with designed-in support where required.

(1) The ‘Crocz’ file version has legs that protrude out the sides so there is designed in supports for this that should peel away easily after printing freeing the jaws to start snapping.

(2) The alternative ‘Crocz – no support’ file’ has straight/flat sides with recesses to represent the shape of the legs. This will print faster and is the file to use if you are concerned about the designed in support slicing/printing well for you.

(3) As some people requested the version with legs (so requiring support for the legs) without any designed in support this has been added. However, only use this if you are experienced at adding your own support. Using automated support can build in support that will stop the jaws from moving and will be difficult to remove. My recommendation is to use the designed in support… it surprises most people by how well it works!

Refer to the instructions and images for additional print information…

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The ‘Crockz – no support’ .stl file does not require any support but the same shells and fill as below apply.

The necessary support has been designed into the ‘Crocz’ .stl file. On a well set up machine the support should peel away easily if printed according to the following settings.

Printed with PLA
Raft not essential but recommended
Standard / 0.20mm resolution
3 or 4 shells
60-75% infill (varying this will affect how springy your Crocz are)
No support required… it’s designed in on the ‘Crocz’ file and not required on the ‘Crocz – no support’ file.

Scaling up/down is not recommended as it will affect the clearances of the designed in support (Which is necessary for the legs that come out the side of the body)

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

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