Cuddling Cats

Author: PixelMatter3D, published on 2014-02-04

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Update: (2/11/2014)- Re-scaled the cuddling cats so not there is no re-scaling you have to do unless you want them bigger or smaller. Re-scaled size makes these popular felines 40mm tall. Happy printing!
Cuddling owls, cuddling this and that, but no cuddling cats? Not until now! Now YOU too can have your own set of the Internets favorite cuddly animal!
Print them and paint them up if you would like! Print hordes of them for everyone’s local crazy cat lady!
Originally I made this as a small gift for my wife and step son for their birthdays (which are on the same day, how cool is that?) My wife likes cats and well who doesn’t. So this is what came to be.
Made by Nate L. from Pixel Matter
Created using Blender


This model is pretty straight forward to print. For those who have a Makerbot I would just suggest using supports because Makerware only generates minimum supports for right under the big cats chin.
Likewise I would use supports in other slicers as well if printing on any other printer as well.
As for shells and infill I just used the default High settings in Makerware with my Replicator 2 for my final print.
My first print for testing was the default Low setting in Makerware without supports and from the picture you can see how the chin came out without supports.
Makerware High settings:
.1mm Layer Height
2 Shells
15% infill
Makerware Low settings:
.3mm Layer Height
2 Shells
10% infill

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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