Customizable drawer box with hex pattern sides

Author: gpvillamil, published on 2014-08-08

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This is an early test of a little chest of drawers, but this time with a hexagonal pattern on the sides.

It’s inspired by FatalError3141’s original (and compatible with his drawers) and is based on my own customizable version of the same.

I haven’t published it as a customizer yet, and it is work-in-progress, because my math on the hex pattern is really shoddy! When I clean it up I’ll set it up as a customizer.

In the meantime, you can download the OpenSCAD file and fiddle with it to your heart’s content.

Update: Added a slight bump to the inside of the drawer box, and two matching dimples in the bottom of the drawers. This helps the drawers “lock” when in the closed position, and prevents them from falling out when opened.

Still working on the hex math, will make it a customizer when that is done.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: customizer, drawers, openSCAD, storage, useful