Customizable Fidget Spinner Ring

Author: AmazingSpanoMan, published on 2013-11-25

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Design #2 of my Sensory and “Fidget” series.
Design #1 Fidget Bolt keychain can be found here…

These fidget rings have a wide array of uses. From wearable, always ready and available stress relief to functional and appropriate stimulus for those who suffer from ADHD or other sensory issues these rings can provide a hidden non-obtrusive outlet.

When many people think of assistive technology they only think about devices that help disabled people do something they can’t normally do. What many don’t understand is that assistive devices can also be related to helping people function throughout their day.

Create your own! Choose a ring size and thickness of the ring and Print! Super easy right!?

Don’t forget to post pictures! What color combos are you going to use.

See it in action…

Added the ability to customize the spinner with the Knurl and Band library modules! Go at it people!

Added the ability to manually input ring size if “manual” is selected in the ring size selector drop down menu. Added more preset ring sizes.

Added the option to only view individual parts, only the ring parts or all three together. When published each piece will be created individually as well as an altogether plate AND an .STL for only the ring parts (no spinner). Hopefully this will make multi-color printing easier and prevent needless filament use to do more than one color.

Now you can customize your ring with a cool message! Added the ability to change the height and size of the font as well to get the perfect alignment! You can also cut the letter show the ring color shows through the spinner. Be aware that letters with holes may not print correctly.

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 200 Micron or finer

Infill: 100%



This is an easy print.

No supports or raft needed.
No glue needed.The rings fit super snug and can be held together with their own created pressure.

Print these pieces @
2mm layer height (1mm works too but 2mm looks the best IMO)
1 shell
Any infill works but 100% is best.

I suggest using a transparent color as the spinner and a solid color as the actual ring. Makes a very cool effect.

Print and enjoy in spinning pleasure. Don’t forget to post a MADE-ONE!!

No real post production process is needed. Though, if the spinner does not glide smoothly or feels like it is hitting something, simply taking one side of a pair of scissors, an exacto blade, or even the flat side of a key and running it along the inside of the spinner to remove any artifacts or spurs will usually fix the problem.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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