Customizable Round Box with Lid

Author: Arvin, published on 2013-11-23

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This is another round box like thing:184228. I like to be able to change the size of everything I print so made my own version.

Done in Open Scad so you can change the sizes plus I added a ledge inside the box to support the lid instead of taking half of the wall thickness for a support.

Edit: the “lid clearance” variable did nothing…fixed. Over do it and the lid could just drop into the bottom!


Set your parameters and you’ll get a box and lid.

If both won’t fit on your build platform you can use slic3r to split it into 2 parts and print them separately. Added a variable to choose just the box or lid or both.

The smaller the box the lower the layer height required.

Top Clearance is the amount the lid is reduced in size. Mine worked but was snug at 0.2. If it’s too snug just make this number larger.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: box, customizer, openscad