Customizable Twisted Polygon Vase

Author: anoved, published on 2014-03-12

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A customizable design for a simple container generated by extruding and optionally scaling and rotating a regular polygon (a pentagon in the case of the pictured sample).

You can adjust the number of sides, the height of the vase, the top and bottom radii (to taper or expand the opening), the rotation of the top shape relative to the bottom, and last but not least the number of slices, which controls whether the surface appears smooth or faceted.

Produces solid models intended to be printed with no infill and no top layers (if you can’t disable top layers, just stop your printer around 90%).

Part of my Customizable Containers series.

Download dirt and flower bud separately.


Photos show twisted-polygon-vase.stl printed in brown PLA on my Printrbot Simple. 0.15 layer height, 6 bottom layers, 0 top layers, and “spiral vase” mode (1 continuous perimeter).

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: bowl, customizer, polygon, twisted, vase